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“A healthy social life arises when the whole community finds its reflection in the mirror of person’s soul, and when the virtue of each person lives in the whole community.”

  ~ Rudolf Steiner ~

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Reporting Absences and Changes to Pickups
Please e-mail office@waldorfct.org or call the office and leave a message in our attendance mailbox, 203-364-1113 x600.

Click to download a PDF of school closings and major festivals for 2018-19.

Health Assessment Forms
The following students must submit health forms to the office before the start of the school year: all early childhood students, rising first graders, rising seventh graders, students newly enrolled at HVWS.
Grade School Health Form
Early Childhood Health Form

Honeywell Alert System
Parents, please make sure you have registered for the Honeywell Alert System so that you will be notified of any unexpected school closings or important announcements in a timely fashion.
Honeywell Instructions

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With a password, parents may access the school directory and parent handbooks here. If you do not have a password, please e-mail Christina Dixcy.

Rainbow Garden School Store

Shop now at the Rainbow Garden School Store.

The school store is located in the Star Meadow Cottage Rear Door, 40 Dodgingtown Rd.

The volunteer-run store is open Tuesday – Friday 8:20-9 AM on regular school days. We carry a range of beautiful wooden toys, art supplies, games, books, Bolga baskets, and more. We now have new Ostheimer wooden animal figures, an expanded range of Grimm’s Spiel und Holz wooden toys, and birthday rings!

Please contact Natasha Daniels-Pearson with any questions regarding the store.

HVWS in the News: Waldorf Schools Fund Grant


The Housatonic Valley Waldorf School (HVWS) is grateful for the generosity and commitment of the Waldorf Schools Fund, Inc. The Waldorf Schools Fund formally incorporated in 1948 with the aim of helping to rebuild the Waldorf Schools in Europe damaged by the Second World War. Today the Fund focuses on Waldorf Schools in North America. For the second year running, the Waldorf Schools Fund has awarded HVWS a grant.

Last school year HVWS received a $21,000 award for roof repairs on Compass Hall which houses grades 5-8. This year the Waldorf Schools Fund has awarded the school $5,700 to remodel the kitchen in Rose Garden which houses three early childhood classes, preschool through kindergarten.

In 2014 the Rose Garden building was beautifully renovated. The current kitchen update is necessitated by the significant increase in enrollment in the school’s early childhood programs. At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, HVWS welcomed a total of 47 students into the preschool and mixed-age kindergarten classes. An integral piece of the Waldorf Early Childhood experience involves active participation in the preparation of meals to share and enjoy. A new full-size range, hood, and additional storage shelving will accommodate the expanded programs now and in the future.

HVWS in the News: NoVo Foundation Grant

NEWTOWN – October 23, 2018

Housatonic Valley Waldorf School Receives Grant

The NoVo Foundation (New York, NY) has awarded the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School (Newtown, CT) a grant of $600,000 over three years.

From the foundation website:

The NoVo Foundation is dedicated to catalyzing a transformation in global society, moving from a culture of domination to one of equality and partnership. The foundation supports the development of capacities in people — individually and collectively — to help create a caring and balanced world. They envision a world that operates on the principles of mutual respect, collaboration, and civic participation, thereby reversing the old paradigm predicated on hierarchy, violence, and the subordination of girls and women.

The grant will fund three primary areas: variable tuition (tuition assistance), diversity work, and teacher development with the goal of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the student body and school community.

The NoVo Foundation’s generous support will supplement the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School’s variable tuition model, now in its second year. The school is committed to economic diversity as a major goal and partners with families to make a Waldorf education accessible to those who seek it, while also working toward school and community sustainability.

Funds from the grant will be used to expand professional development for staff and faculty in areas related to diversity.

The first such opportunity is a training titled: Talking about Race in the Classroom: A Training for K-12 Educators Committed to Racial Justice. The goal is to gain strategies to support a schoolwide culture of respect, equity, and inclusivity and enhance teacher understanding of how racism affects children.

Additionally, a significant investment will be made in the school library and classroom readers to update and expand the school’s book collection to better represent underrepresented communities.

The Housatonic Valley Waldorf School is humbled and extremely grateful to receive this grant.

The NoVo Foundation is dedicated to building a more just and balanced world. Created in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, the Foundation’s deeply interconnected work seeks to advance adolescent girls’ rights, end violence against girls and women, promote social and emotional learning, support Indigenous communities and advance local living communities.

Join the HVWS Biodynamic Gardening Club hosted by Marcella Kapsaroff

Hope is the Heart of Biodynamic Gardening.

Fall in love all over again with Mother Earth and Father Sun.

We will direct our love to the soil, flora, and fauna in our school yard.

Come experience the Spirit of the Garden as we work with the soil, build a compost windrow, and apply biodynamic preparations.

The Biodynamic Preparations will help channel the forces of the cosmos and the elementals to our school’s soil, gardens, trees, buildings, and our children.

Come learn about the physical, soul, and spiritual aspects of soil, plants, and animals in relation to the cosmos and the effects on human nutrition. When we help bring balance and harmony to our earth we will receive nourishment to our etheric, soul, and spirit body.

We will gather together and discuss our relationship with the earth, our school yard as a microcosm of this relationship and how we can bring these practices to our own gardens. 

Come join us to learn these practical gardening methods:

  • We will learn to use and make our own fertilizers.
  • We will build bio nutritious compost.
  • Learn how to identify native and invasive plant species.
  • Learn to mix and imbue the soils of HVWS with Biodynamic Preparations.
  • Learn how tending the garden is a bridge to communing with nature spirits/elementals.
  • We will learn to grow and harvest stinging nettle for a myriad of uses.
  • We will work with the rhythms of our gardening year using the Biodynamic Calendar
  • We will learn unique methods of pest and weed control

Come learn how the Biodynamic Preparations and love from the bottoms of our boots will help restore balance and harmony to our school yard and surround our children with a protective aura.


Friday, December 14, 3 pm: we will build a compost windrow using BD compost preparation and we will bury our seeds for advent

Friday, January 11, 3 pm: we will retrieve our seeds and apply the Three Kings Preparation

Friday, March 29, 3 pm: we will plant seeds for our pollinator garden and spring garden clean up

TBA: we will help create a Pollinator Garden in honor of our schoolwide Waldorf 100 Celebration

TBA: we will host a Garden Pot Luck in July honoring our HVWS garden

Contact: Marcella Kapsaroff

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